Latest news from MoçamBIT

This year Cronon Hardware is again donating products to the MoçamBIT computer lab. MoçamBIT is a project by the ISDB (Instituto Superior Dom Bosco) technical college in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique in Africa.

The hardware donated by Cronon was successfully set up at the ISDB. Amongst other things, four Hyper-V servers were installed along with several access points for the campus network. The network switches – donated last year – are still working perfectly and host a distributed campus network.

It has now become tradition to send a delegation of supporters, apprentices, and partners to the ISDB each autumn to further develop the project. For around two weeks now, four apprentices from the Training Association of Berlin Universities (Ausbildungsverbundes der Berliner Universitäten, AFIBs), two former Cronon and STRATO employees have been in Mozambique to continue training the teachers at the technical school. Additionally, there is a new Cronon employee and a former AFIB apprentice there who are spending their holiday in Africa supporting the project.

The ISDB is one of the few institutions in Mozambique that trains technical college teachers. Currently, the employees there are working on expanding an e-learning platform that will make distance learning possible. With this platform, the college’s catchment area will grow significantly. Until now, some 200 prospective teachers have been using the learning environment as part of the pilot phase. Cronon, STRATO, and the MoçamBIT team are providing assistance with the technical implementation of the platform.